How can I submit a support ticket?
You can submit a support ticket in the discord server. The #support channel will give you instructions on how to do so.

How can I Participate in Giveaways?
We host giveaways in the Discord Server every 50 members.
You can help by inviting members to the server.

We also host Skyblock Island Rewards every month, This means that the highest Island at the end of the month
receives a prize set by the staff at the start of the month

Can I Apply for staff?
Yes you can! If you click on the apply button in the navbar above
it will lead you to our helper application form.

How can I apply for youtuber rank?
To be eligible for youtuber rank, you must pass all the requirements set
in the youtube-rank-requirements channel in the discord server.
Once you have passed all requirements, please message a Manager or Admin to verify your channel

Can I partner with you?
You can! Make sure your server has passed all the necessary requirements. 
Once you have done that, message a staff member from our Partnership Team to verify your server.

I found a bug, how do I report it?
Good Job! We are always on the hunt for bugs and its helpful having Members
of our community helping us out. To report it, please create a ticket in the support channel
you will receive a prize corresponding to the Severity of the bug.