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about 1 month ago
Server Restructuring

Due to a sudden shift in staff, we have had to resort to one game mode.

Because of this, the server will be down for a little while for restructuring and should be back up within 1-2 weeks.


Thanks for your co-operation.

- Render Network Management

3 months ago
Render Network: Plans for the future

We have now switched server hosts.
This means we will now be online for longer without unscheduled inactive periods.

Here is our plans for the future:
-> We will now have factions and skyblock

-> Upgrade to bungeecord to widen player interests.

-> We still have our 100, 150 and 200 discord member count giveaways which can be found in the giveaways channel.

-> We have now got two official discord bots called Vetrilox and MCFacts, check out the Official page in the dropdown of the navbar for more info.

-> Staff Applications are still open, apply at

We are currently going through a maintenance period of the server to get all the features: bungeecord, completed and ready for players.


Thank you for staying with us during these annoying times and thank you for playing on Render Network.

Render Network Management

5 months ago
Server Release Date

The server will be released in two days time on the 8th of June at 12pm. SkyBlock Rewards We will be starting the SkyBlock Island Rewards as soon as it is open. Due to people adding members to their island with the promise of the reward, the island reward is only available to the Owner of the island and not the members. The Reward that will be given out on the 8th of July is MVP+ Rank and 1,000,000 dollars in-game cash. Giveaways Remember to invite people to the discord! We have a set schedule for the upcoming giveaways to give players an idea of what they could win. Found in #giveaways Next giveaway at 100 members. Partners We are constantly on the lookout of Partners, we love helping out other servers with a low member count. If you are the owner or partnership manager of any server, contact an admin to get acquainted with our partnership regime. Thank You for Playing on the Render Network

5 months ago
Staff Applications

We are currently looking for Staff!

If you think you have what it takes to help out with Render Network. Apply at and fill out the form
Applications will be reviewed every week. Please don't ask to get it reviewed otherwise it'll be denied. You must create an account to apply.


5 months ago
Website Announcements

This is an example of how announcements will be sent from now on.


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For more information, please DM an admin