Welcome to RenderMC

This server is proudly owned and managed by the RenderMC Staff Team.
Our main goal is to give the players a great experience.
Our store offers cheap key bundles and nametags.

If you would like to support our server, we offer global Cosmetic ranks which offer Pets and Nametags.

We, the RenderMC Staff, wish that you have a pleasant experience.

- Doomageddon2003 aka Scorpacula, Proud Owner of RenderMC

Purchases and Payments

Before you make a purchase on our store, please make sure you have entered the correct minecraft username as we cannot transfer packages between Users. Once you have made your purchase, please remember that payments will take 10-20 minutes to process and show up. If you do not receive your purchased package, please contact us through the discord server below.

Customer Support

If you come across any problems while on our server, store or forums, please don't hesitate to contact the staff on the support thread on our forums or the support channel on our discord.

Thank you for playing on our server.



If you have any problems or encounter any bugs please contact a staff member